Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Me and my stuff

Hi!thanks for making me happy..kay and rabitto..:)
I'm feelin' well now..I just wrote that stuff because I'm going to burst if I didn't let it out..tee hee

BTW..Lately I stopped blogging lor!my laptop had a problem..and internet connection wasn't connecting..:(
But it's ok now..so I'm gonna start blogging again.

Oh! I read Askmewhats review about her A-4 G-cube mouse..so I was thinking to share mine too..:p

Here's mine:
Before: my laptop is actually white..take a look at this picture :D

NOTICE: I really like spongebob ahaha..I super do!!
Let's go back to my laptop..Perfectly white right, like a mac?haha..
but later on I felt bored,so..
tadaahh!!..my not so boring laptop with stuffs (G-cube accessories)..so pretty!XD

plain white is cute but Black and white color ROCKS!!TRY TO GLAM YOURS TOO!:)

Another story:
(on random category)
we went to SM Sucat and bought some grocery stuffs..for my bf's house necessities and all..haha..so lazy to write..:p
here's our pic..

pretending that you're not looking?..haha

my punch pose..I'm not good at asian pose..(-.-!)

Buying a new hammer..took so long to decide..:))

It was Wednesday then..we didn't know that on Wednesday they promote green bag (which saves mother earth from plastic bags)
No plastic bags means paper bags..but it was easily teared out coz the stuffs that we bought were so heavy..another option was to buy this GREEN BAG..

PIZZA HUT (dinner time)

Ate pizza hut..so yummy.. i love sausage!:))

Last sunday we went to Mall of Asia..the biggest mall ever..ahaha
We watched karate kid.. that movie was super cool..although a lot of people were there to watched too..Because it was Sunday..a family day..More people means a lot of noise too..Oh!well..

At the comic alley..when were strolling at the mall
it's cute although it doesn't look good at me..

Pictures together..

another asian pose..call me!! LOL!! XD

Oh! boy my feet really hurts..Because of this high heels that I'm wearing..Super duper ouch!!Can't walk at the mall..i have to stop from time to time..I should remember not to wear it again for long walks..

But my Holy Angel comes..and rescue me from the pain that I'm feeling..
My Bf bought me this doll shoes from Celine..I love you! thanks!:)
Now..I'll have a happy feet!

Doll shoes:white and gold (He told me that I'm Cinderella)

Yesterday, went to SM again bought some stuffs for cooking..
Chedder cheese
Plain cheese
super small potatoes
mayo (bacon spread)
My boyfriend wants me to cook Potato with bacon and cheese..so
I did cooked for him..
Some pictures..So Yummy! My boyfriend and my siblings loves it too..to think that I did it for the first time..:)

they said it's like a gourmet food that could only be bought in restaurants..so happy!:)

Monday, June 7, 2010


I'm a little left out right now..

My brother will be working on a ship..
My younger cousin got a job..
My bf's friend got another job..

But ME!! I'm hopeless!!!
LET me tell you a story...
Mom's said that "I'm ashamed of you! your already 23!!
But I said "No! I'm just 21..my brother was the one who turned 23 this year!!!
She said, "It's the same..your 20+ already!!Find a job!!yeah! find a job!
So I did!!, HECK!! I DID!! But each time that I have an interview she always bothers me..EMOTIONALLY!!
SMS me: Where are you?!!! Don't you wanna go home?
MY GOD!!I'm having an interview..RIGHT NOW!!
All of my hard-work each time I passed was all gone..What happened? i screwed up on that interview..
She's putting toO much pressure on me.. From my head down to my feet..

When I was in high school she told me not to study...(coz she always saw me studying!)
You better find a job than to study..she thought that I was lazy!I weakling! coz I always study and not doing chores..but that was the idea of a HS student right!! I'm helping her as I can/as I could, but what else?? what more?? she always compared me to my siblings, to my cousins..

and NOW..

again..there's nothing good about me.. YES I GRADUATED with the DEGREE OF BACHELOR SCIENCE IN NURSING and indeed passed the BOARD EXAM!, but holy COW!! she's still not proud of it!!..maybe when I have a job again, she'll change!..coz she loves money!!

Money will make her happy!!
Coz she doesn't get anything from my DAD and my BROTHER

But from me YES SHE DOES..I remembered the times that I was in a korean school HALF of my salary was "HERS". But then it was alright..

I posted my shih tzu babies..they were sold out and I gave her some money..and she was happy..now she wants my shih tzu to breeedddd.. more often..but that's not possible!!

Shisssshhh I've cried a lot!....so much for that!
what a piece of cake!!(just eating my cake literally)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Missing my blog

it's been a very very long time from my last update..
I missed blogging, I missed reading all of your post silently when I'm all alone in my room..
I missed all the comments every time I post something in my blog..
I really missed everything, I wonder if I could catch up ???

Anyways, a little update random:

- bf graduation
- spent our 4th year anniv together
- boyfie opened a shirt shop, look at my new header those were examples of his artwork!:))
order now..if you like just comment me or add him on his facebook elements.shirt@yahoo.com
- as usual petty quarrels
- applying for a new job
- thinking to start a new biz with my bf♫♪

Random pics:

Oh! btw last week we had a photoshoot for elementsshirt

Couple Shirts:

Don't cha like it?okay..That will be good for now..:)