Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shitzu babies

OMG!Got new babies..
Yesterday Enchan successfully delivered 4 bouncing babies..
3 boys and 1 girl.

First litter came out at 3:00pm and the last litter came out at 5:20pm..:))

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Morning curls

Yay!Got my hair curled..;))

Ever tied your hair with your own hair to have beautiful curls?

Well..I did..haha
Same as the rag curls..

RESULT(HaLF Via Rag Curl the other half Via own hair)

Can't tell the difference??

Seems like stairway to heaven curls..haha

Rag curls

Looking for..



and effective way to curl your hair?'s a solution..

Just take out an old cloth in your dresser it can be an old t-shirt or your old short..

Cut them into strips(horizontally) use a hairspray..
no hairspray?

mousse/clay/gel..still none? tap water will do..;p

But for us we use a hair spray
Brand name: RAVEN

this will be the look when you already tied your hair..
It's my sister..haha (my model for today!);)

wanna ask How???

Easy..(credits to realclearwing..such a dolly girl)

step 1: spritz the ends of the hair with spray or you can roll it along with the rag easier.
step 2: Start by placing the rag an inch away from the ends
step 3: Twist the end around the rag
Step 4: Stop at the desire part where you want your curls to start
Step 5: Secure the end of your hand while preparing to tie both ends of the rag
Step 6: TIE..enough to be secured
Step 7: REPEAT! ;p

My sister was so we untied it after 1 hour..and
the result..(Beautiful curls without damaging your hair)xD



Love the curls..
Wanna see me with that too?haha :))
Your wish is my
Goodnight lovelies..and goodnight to you hon!:p

Friday, September 25, 2009

Another boring day..

Rain, rain go away come again another day..
So bored..anyway
As i've told you I met my love yesterday..
had KFC dinner
and then went home..
I was so tired that day..
Took some pictures..

My boyfie and my Dad told me that I look so!;)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Emnazaon's 3 yrs and 11th monthsary!;))

Hi!me again..this day is a very special day for emnazaon...

enzo + maan = emnazaon...
It's our 3 yrs and 11th happy.. :))
Okay this is also the day which all my surprise for my honey will be disclose.

So..lets unveil them one by one..haha

remember the huge red envelope? How about the gift bag and the box with question mark/marks? Did you guess what's inside? Yes? Let’s see if you're correct. No? Make a guess now...

Shall no. all the revelations ..;p
drum...drumm…drummmy rolls..

Revelation #1
huge red envelope...
Inside... a love CARD!!;p

Front view..


Made this interlocking card…so happy that my bunchy likes it!:)


My honey reading my card..

Revelation # 2
the gift bag..ehem.. love bag and the mysterious box with question marks..
now unleash.. and what do we have? Voila! "designer handkerchiefs”...

Revelation #3
Haha..I didn't mark any clue for this…anyway it's my alternative to the first one that I wanted to buy... but unlucky to find...

The first cake that I want..

Strawberry sweetheart from Breadtalk…darn…was out of stock! -.-

I told myself that I have to find a new one. That will look nice or better than the first one... Walk, walk and walk then… luckily found this awesome cake at BIZU!:)
So here it is Folks!
The alternative cake but I think looks better and yummy!

Chio box!:))

My cute cake: AMOUR by Bizu patisserie

Valrhona orange chocolate mousse in between layers of crème brulee and brownie. Truly a perfect gift.

It's a wonderful work of art right! so heavenly!:)
Okay, I won’t sugarcoat the price. Their cakes were rather expensive but not unaffordable.
But I am willing to pay for premium price if the quality of the product justifies it. In the case of Bizu, I didn’t regret paying so much...
this special cake was worth it for my very special boyfie..;p

I love you bizu!I'll be back when I have the money again..haha..I will try your samba and nirvana..:))

Couple pics..haha..just having fun..:)

All in all it's our great day together...
I'll be meeting my honey again this friday excited..:))