Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gift Ideas For Boyfriends

Finding a perfect boyfriend gift is a tough job because you might think that the gift which you are going to purchase would be attractive for your boyfriend or not. Since you want to buy a perfect boyfriend gift, you should know about his likes and dislikes...lah!

These are some gift ideas for your boy...

* Guys are generally fitness freak. How about accentuating his wardrobe with a stylish yet comfy tracksuit? Complete the gift, with a comfortable pair of jogging shoes.
* It is, often, said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Prepare his favorite dishes and invite him to your home for a candle light dinner. Alternatively, you can give him a treat at his favorite restaurant.
* What is one thing that a man never parts with? His wallet, of course!! Get an elegant leather wallet for your boyfriend. Before presenting it, slide in a photograph of the two of you.
* You can gift him a good luck charm - his birthstone based on astrological calculations, feng shui articles, amulets and so on.
* If your boyfriend is a sport enthusiast, gifting him his favorite sporting gear or membership of a sports club can be the most ideal option.
* Depending on whether you like him in formal attire or casual one, get apparels for him.
* How about a gift basket that comprises of men toiletries? You surely didn't think that only women are entitled to pamper themselves.
* A photo frame with a photo of the two of you is one of the most popular choices, when it comes to gifting boyfriends.
* Accessories today are not limited to women. Get your boyfriend a nice bracelet, ring or even a chain. This would go a long way in accentuating his look.
* Men are usually gadget freak. You can go for a laptop, iPod, electronic diary, or electronic notebook. Even latest model of mobile phones can be a good choice.
* Gift certificates to a good salon can serve as a perfect gift option for your boyfriend. Gone are the days, when only women were conscious about their look. Men, today, are as conscious about their look as women are.
* A cufflink, tie, tiepin or pen can be a good option to explore if your boyfriend is fond of wearing formals.
* If you want to gift him something too romantic, get him a pack of innerwear. This is sure to ignite the passion in him...(wink!)
* If your boyfriend loves to read, get him books of his favorite author or a year's subscription of his favorite magazine.
* Fragrance qualifies as top gift option when it comes to gifting boyfriends. However, men are very particular about smell, so before buying the perfume, make sure you know his taste.
* Among the other generic gift ideas you can try out branded pen, music CD's and cassettes, chocolates and flowers. It is a myth that men don't like chocolates, so you can very well go ahead in buying chocolates of his favorite flavors.

BUT if your actually broke..the sweetest thing that you can ever do for your bf is by simply saying.."I LOVE YOU!"hehe..spread the love ladies...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Enchan and Polly

Enchan's first boyfriend!

Mating experience..

At Polly's house

Polly's Pics

The Shih Tzu is one of the most popular of the Toy breeds. It is well known for its long, flowing, luxurious hair, which covers all of its body. It has a round head, pleasant expression, and large, round, dark eyes. Its ears are large and covered by the coat. Shih Tzus are very small and compact in size, with a broad, deep chest. Their tails are curved and covered with fur. Shih Tzus can be any color, and tend not to shed. Their hair is in fact a double layer, with a woolly undercoat below the longer hair. Shih Tzus are small dogs, and are slightly longer than they are tall.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Circle lens

Advantage: Makes you look innocent and anime plus you have the so called"Ulzzang look"
Disadvantage: Some people may say you're freaky!haha

Yeepee! my very own first black circle lens!I have huge black iris now!!like an anime..lah!
they are from GnG (amie black/DA-1)
We bought it from a korean optical shop. They look so natural!..comfortable..and not irritating..or whatever!lah!:)
well my first choice was actually mx-21 but it's not available here in phil.
My contact lens has its own prescription -2.25 for my right eye while -2.75 for my left eye...

Close up :)

Me!Me!Me!I love my eyes!

It comes with a cute contact case..

Love!Love! Yellow!

the vials..

You should open it this way..

Check out my pics..see and believe sweeties..

My ulzzang picture with my amie!

Normal light without flash..

So dark!!hehe

night mode.. Oh!it's so natural..

With flash..OMG my bags..(>.<)

See my iris..looks freaky?..

P.S I don't usually wear makeup so it's really my natural face..haha:)

Teary eyed..

I'm in denial stage at that point..when I saw the results but then I chose to be logical rather than to be emotional..

Yeah..It really hurts that in the end of all your'll be pulled down
by an external force..

But life is so unpredictable.. you'll never know what will happen next..

Oh well..

that's life.. and we should accept it and just keep moving on..

to my fellow..Olivarians that passed the board exam..

I'm so happy for all of you..

and to others who did not..I understand how you feel..cause I felt that way too..

but instead of mourning or being a hermit, we should continue our lives and be stronger enough to face all adversities.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

For our Monthsary..

We just celebrated our monthsary in Gourmet's Palate that serves the best burgers according to some reviews and blogs.

It can be found actually in Phase 3 Aguirre Avenue at Bf homes...♥♥♥

Honey ordered Islander charbroiled burger for himself (it's a burger topped by refreshing coleslaw), while he ordered American burger for me. He also added up some fries..and for our drinks I ordered dalandan juice and honey bunchy sticks to iced tea.

A plate of fries..

My Cute Honey..

...and me

Dalandan juice for "me" and iced tea for my "Honey"

Islander charbroiled burger and the american burger

Took some pictures while waitin'


Happy!Happy! Monthsary To US!!

Love it!!♥♥♥

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Call Center Experience

Hi! It's been a long day for me.. and I'm dead tired..
But I just wanna update you with some of my


Mara, Bennie and I w
ent to APAC Alabang apply!!!

This is MaRa...

AnD this is..

Let's start the story..

At the reception area, you will be asked to submit a valid ID in exchange for an applicant ID that you’ll be needing to get access to the building’s vicinity. They told us to proceed to the second floor of the building. At first we're kinda lost hehe..But Bennie's eyes has really good vision that I haven't,. Oh! well, we first logged in and answered the application form, after that you will need to hand over a copy of your resume. Very professional. No waiting. Direct to the point. Straightforward.

Just right after filling up the application form, you will be asked to proceed to the building’s pantry and wait for your initial interview. Now, this is the moment that we need to wait. Siguro around 10-20 minutes. BUT worry not! Kasi meron silang TV na pwede mong paglibangan. .
Then, yung interior nung place ay relaxing. Comfortable chair. Well lit and spacious.

Mara lip gloss endorser(>.<) Then, 5 by 5, someone will call you along with other people for a panel interview. Yes, a panel interview…but don’t panic, it is still just an interview. Wear your composure and poise. But Mara was not a part of our group..Ohhhh..sob* So Bennie, me and the rest of the group went to an executive room just like this:

Hehe soOo exaggerated..

But actually just down grade it a little and then that's it..hehe can you imagine?

Interview proper nah..

Okay each of us was asked by diff or same question by the interviewer but mine goes like this..

Interviewer: Maan, Why do you choose to be in a call center?

Me: Well my passion made me apply for this position. I'm an individual who seek for personal satisfaction and fulfillment in life and I believe that the only mean to find those things is doing something that your passionate with. WEll..words are my passion and that is the very reason why despite of all my achievements I decided to apply and be a part of this industry.

Interviewer: Okay, How do you make yourself productive?

Me: By learning to diff experiences

Interviewer: What?

Me: By having something that you actually learned ma'am..hehe (I don't remember exactly the thing that I said but I think this is the closest) in me that time

There are many more questions than this but I will not mention it all..the total questions that was thrown over me was about six I think, while others got only three.

I didn't expect that I will pass that interview, because I was ready for any rejection at that moment.

But I am Happy that I I went down riding an elevator..and thinking about what happened to Bennie and Mara

Bennie saw me at the ground floor..I told them that I was for exam..I already knew that they did not passed, I'm so worried about their feelings at that time because the first time that I had been rejected was totally "Ouch" on my part. But I saw that they were just okay.. so worry free ang lola moh..

This is Ryan my co-examinee at the ground floor..He is actually a "she"hehe

Oh well!

Exam 1 was a typing test..I got 92% in accuracy..I passed it, the second one was just a quick test about your personality (same in here) and the last one was answering calls..

Okay indi koh na papatagalin 2..

Akoh ay minalas sa simulation exam..hehe Naloka akoh dahil first time koh yun..and I didn't expect that I will go that far..akala koh yun nah ndi pa pala!HmmmmMMmmPP! sayang..

Anyways, there's always a room for first timers..haayz and a worthy experience that's all thank you!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Dream House..

Well my honey is mad at me right now, without any connection of it I decided to upload a few photos which is house related..

Okay.. First this is a
ctually a modern living room and obviously styled with black and white.. well.. honey bunchy loves cool black really..hehe

Next.. the dining roo
m..Yummy!As everybody says "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" or The shortest road to men's hearts is down their throats Modernized of course..^_^

The Home Theater so Love!Love!

Now, let us go to my kind of bedroom that I intend to have someday with my hon!hon!hihi

Well that's all for now..cp batts running out..

Where's the House

aHmmMmm.. it's not yet done..boinkss!!