Monday, June 7, 2010


I'm a little left out right now..

My brother will be working on a ship..
My younger cousin got a job..
My bf's friend got another job..

But ME!! I'm hopeless!!!
LET me tell you a story...
Mom's said that "I'm ashamed of you! your already 23!!
But I said "No! I'm just brother was the one who turned 23 this year!!!
She said, "It's the same..your 20+ already!!Find a job!!yeah! find a job!
So I did!!, HECK!! I DID!! But each time that I have an interview she always bothers me..EMOTIONALLY!!
SMS me: Where are you?!!! Don't you wanna go home?
MY GOD!!I'm having an interview..RIGHT NOW!!
All of my hard-work each time I passed was all gone..What happened? i screwed up on that interview..
She's putting toO much pressure on me.. From my head down to my feet..

When I was in high school she told me not to study...(coz she always saw me studying!)
You better find a job than to study..she thought that I was lazy!I weakling! coz I always study and not doing chores..but that was the idea of a HS student right!! I'm helping her as I can/as I could, but what else?? what more?? she always compared me to my siblings, to my cousins..

and NOW..

again..there's nothing good about me.. YES I GRADUATED with the DEGREE OF BACHELOR SCIENCE IN NURSING and indeed passed the BOARD EXAM!, but holy COW!! she's still not proud of it!!..maybe when I have a job again, she'll change!..coz she loves money!!

Money will make her happy!!
Coz she doesn't get anything from my DAD and my BROTHER

But from me YES SHE DOES..I remembered the times that I was in a korean school HALF of my salary was "HERS". But then it was alright..

I posted my shih tzu babies..they were sold out and I gave her some money..and she was she wants my shih tzu to breeedddd.. more often..but that's not possible!!

Shisssshhh I've cried a lot! much for that!
what a piece of cake!!(just eating my cake literally)


*~kAy~* said...

aww.. sorry to hear that :(
it can be tough. I don't like it when people compare me to my sister too :P Makes me feel like a failure haha :p

You've done so much though! <3
Its so hard to pass the exam to be a nurse!!!

Hope you feel better soon :) I'm glad you aired it out by writing...
You seem like a great person by doing all that for your mom :)

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

Cheer up! Agree w/ Kay: You've done so much! o(^-^)o Happy always =3