Monday, August 31, 2009

We are sisters..:)

enough of sad faces..
this time I'll just post some happy ones..
today nothing much to do so me and my li'l sister
just played nicey nicey..we sneak our mom's make-up and put it on in our face..:)

our make-up experiment!!!
her eye..

My eye..

her solo photos...(shy girl)^^

My pics..(2NE1 inspired,haha!don't mind me..:))



CL!!^^'s some of our pics together..:))

and another one:..

want some more?

That's all for now..nyt people!:)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

nothing much to share..
so upset..='(
just watching a sad song in you tube called" white horse" by Taylor Swift.

I think Enzo will be always be Enzo and Maan is Maan, two different entities..a boy and a girl..sigh...
no emnazaon at all when we have our LQ..

he can't understand me and I can't understand him as well..
so yeah..we clashed! we didn't broke up or something..
we just hang up the phone..:(
had bad conversation..
I really don't know if I'm just jealous or whatever..
or I just miss him so much..and his friends was so lucky to come over to his house..
ain't have time to see him..he's so busy..doing paper work for school
no time to visit me..:(
It really makes me sad and so pathetic..
sigh.. i think i should end here..bye

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I really hate my bf now..
so tired of saying..things about him
not to do this and that..
but he always keep on it..
promise me alot of things..

My version from 2NE1

It’s about time
And his time is up
I had to do this for know
That’s the only way that all you boys learn

It doesn’t seem like you’re going to change
From now on, do as you want, I’m going to stop caring
I don’t care, I’ll stop caring about what you’re doing wherever you are
From now on I really don’t care, I’ll get out of the way
From now on don’t come to me and cry, and cling on
cause I don’t care!

I don’t think that I’ll be able to take it anymore
You even went to your wolf-like friends for advice

Because of you, I remember crying till dawn..I regret every time I think about you when my heart was too easy

I’m too good to throw away and too boring to have
From today on, I’ll be a bad girl who makes guys cry
Now without a single tear, I’ll laugh at you

I don’t care,I’ll stop caring about what you’re doing wherever you are
From now on I really don’t care, I’ll get out of the way
From now on don’t come to me and cry, and cling on
cause I don’t care
cause I don’t care
I simply don’t care...='(

Bow look

So bored..x.x
I wanna see him..

Found this thing while browsing Ms. Funkiimonkee's blogs..
after watching that cool vid it make's me wanna try..
so here it is..

This look is inspired by lady gaga.. very cool and really kawaii!:)
Step 1: Before anything else, please comb your hair first so it won't look messy

Step 2:Get a random section of your hair, it can be on top or on the side

Step 3: Put a rubber band or any elastic band that you wanna use to tie your hair
I just use one rubber band for this..
but you can use more and perhaps some pins

Step 4: tie it up!:)

Step 5: Get a portion of your hair and make a loop using another rubber band, but for me I just pull the rubber band and place my hair inside to make a loop,repeat it again to your remaining hair to make another loop..

Step 6: you can use some spray to make it more manageable and some pins..
and this is the result..('',)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mac giveaway!:)

Hi lovelies!

So lucky to find fab ladies like Ms. Funkiimonkee and Ms. Sweetshugahon..:)
They are so generous for having such nice contest and lovely stuff as a prize or as a giveaway...
And beside from it I am able to get along with people and have some newly found friends.
I'm soOOooo happy!:)

For the second time in my entire life, I joined another contest held by Ms. SweetShuGaHon,it’s her first free giveaway, to celebrate her 100th+ followers! Cheers! :)
So here's the rules:
1. You must be a follower. If not then you are welcome to be her follower =)
2. You must blog or post this on your blogspot and link to it.
3. Must be 18+ years old.
4. write in the comment box, like the example and the link where you have reposted her giveaway.

Note for everyone:
>Everyone can enter-any where in this world.
>Contest Ends Sept.15, 2009 ( you have lots of time to enter)updated
>She will randomly pick one winner or she might write your usernames in a piece of paper and ask her hubby to pick one. ^_^

What are the prizes?

1. One M.A.C Eyeshadow (of your choice)
2. One M.A.C Lipstick (of your choice)
3. One M.A.C LipGlass (of your choice)
4. One M.A.C Blush (of your choice)
(but be sure - you must pick the product thats only available at the M.A.C online Store
plus you will receive some goodies, it'll be a surprise!

How to enter?
Easy, all you have to do is leave a comment in her post and tell her the names of what M.A.C Eyeshadow/Lipstick/Lipglass & Blush that do you girls want!
For example:

You must write..

1. MAC (Smoke & Diamonds) Eyeshadow.
2. MAC (Costa Chic) Lipstick.
3. MAC (Florabundance) LipGlass
4. MAC (Pinch O' Peach) Blush.

and the link of this post on your blog.

Well this is my wish list:(haha, it can be an advance gift for me in my b-day! if I win..)
1. MAC hello kitty Eyeshadow.
2. MAC Russian Red Lipstick.
3. MAC Russian Red LipGlass
4. MAC Grand duo Love Rock Blush.

Cheers to us!:)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wish list:Enchan hair cut done!:)

Finally enchan was groomed..all of her matted and tangled coat were all gone
Wist list granted!:)



I will comb her from now on so it won't happen again..:(
Anyways we're looking forward to her first babies if ever she's pregnant..
Crossed our fingers..for healthy babies to come out soon..:)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Hello I'm joining the funny face contest by Ms.Funkiimonkee
I'm crossing my fingers to this..hehe
since I don't have a make-up of my own just like the others
so so broke..

Alright here's my entry hehe

Kinda weird and scary..but I hope this will make her happy :)
It's me and my bf alien style..wahooo..he wanted to eat me..
see those big mouth of huge..he can tear me into pieces..Gaze through the mouth..gaze to his mouth..He calls out to you to look, to fix your gaze upon him! "Look at me! " said the mouth..
LOL :)

CONTEST ENDS: 31st August, 2009
  • You must be a follower of Funkiimonkee's Beauty Blog.

  • Post your funny face (just one pic per entry) as a post on your blog and mention about this contest with a link.

  • Leave a comment on this post and give me your name, email address & the link to your post on your blog.

  • It must be a funny face- no pretty faces sorry! As mentioned, the picture must be your own and not copied from a magazine, website etc.


  • Kit Cosmetics Nail Varnish and Lipgloss (Dream Run & Dream Catcher)
  • 3 pairs of cute hair clips
  • Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #21
  • Lancome Juicy Tube
  • Bourjois Lipstick "Trendy Rouge"
  • Covergirl Lashblast Mascara
  • 2 pairs of earrings (handmade with love by me!)
  • 3 x MAC Pigments (Gold Mode, Clear Sky Blue & French Violet)
  • Rimmel Black Kajal Eye Liner
  • Mini bottle of Manifique by Lancome
  • Covergirl Outlast Lipcolour in "Berry Sorbet"

Monday, August 24, 2009

Pictorial by Erika

so freakin' Hot! I kinda sweat all over..yikes!-.-
Anyways,yesterday was so shuang!!
Honey finally reunite with his cousins..Erika,Cheska and Gaile.(forgive me if I misspelled your name)
Took pictures while heading to Bf homes..What a lovely couple we are!haha..just flattering ourselves :)

My bunchy and his Mcspaghetti
while waiting to erika..

And there's Erika..
they didn't see each other for a
couple of months since he arrived...kinda 123456789...:)
I wonder how does it feel..

Went to Erika's house, met her mom..Her mom was pretty, yeah! I must admit hehe..but she often tease me when I'm round..:o

The lovely Erika!:)
and her chio sister

And cousin Cheska..I like her chio!=) see?

The novice..:)

Here's our photo that I wanna share with many shots
I'll just upload the lovely you won't dare to comment me ugly stuffs
!!LoL hehe

Pictures of HIM

他 很 帅 (ta hen shuai)

Pictures of ME

Sunako :p

Picture of US.. I love this..=) my bf is so shuai

After our pictorial we went to Robinson's to have some snacks
Snap this picture while their walking..

At the Robinson's they decided to go for big apple pizza..
The huge pizza was c/o by cheska..:) so sweet..and super thanks!:)

As a blogger I take my chance to snap some big apple delicacies..




uhhmm..bread?haha sorry forgot the name..

Had a taste of elfav ice cream..