Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A forbidden blog


Sorry for not updating "my blog"..
I've been studying for my upcoming exam..so forgive me

I'll be back this November and will get in touch to all of you..

Ms. Nehs thanks for the award..I will blog about it as soon as possible..mwuaacks! it's my first award thank you so much!:)



Gerrytales said...

lols ohhhh me too - i'm meant to be studying now but i can't help but hop online to check my blog and other stuff.
I would gladyly follow you :)

Gerrytales said...

oh dear - i just commentd and somehow it didnt save so i have to re-comment =/
i'm going through exams too! boy do i hate exams, but "everyone" must endure it LOL
i will gladly follow you :)

Gerrytales said...

oh crap i just realise the other 2-3comments or so WERE saved! so i repeated myself

Marnelli Anne said...

Gee..Thanks! Gerrytales..just click Follow to be one of my beautiful friends in blogger..:)
oh my! I'm so happy..
yet so scared to take the exam..
so many pressure..
I'll be glad to know more about you!;p