Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm back!:)

Oh yeah! I'm back finally, I have so much to tell for the whole month of October

so just read..read and read..

OCTOBER for me was actually a blast!Why? because it's my birthday month and emnazaon's anniversary too..yey!:)
Alot lot fun..
Random story..
Boy I did spent my Birthday with Enzo and his relatives
Chezka my boyfie's cousin celebrated her birthday in a pool.. yeah! a pool celebration..and I was luckily invited!:p
Location? in Laguna where the Hot Springs can be found lah!
Thank's Chezka for inviting me, and again "Happy! Happy Birthday to you! may all your wishes do come true..I'm loving your age, I wanna be 17 again..haha.."How I wish!"LOL
The entire place was so nice and relaxing knowing that it's only a drive away from the metro..

The pool was huge like an olympic pool hehe..but the size of it doesn't equalize the depth of the pool.
The food was so yummy! Credits to Tita Yolly and Ate Imee who exert their cooking skills to make the food delicious..
That night Enzo insisted that we rather share in just one bed, I guess he didn't want me to be alone..felt secured..agreed..but ashamed -.-!

Before leaving..we took alot photos together..
Had Yellow cab for dinner

Enzo bought perfume for himself and a cake for me
Thank's hon!:)

For making my birthday memorable..
As of now I can't upload photos coz I'm using my dad's antique laptop..the mouse doesn't work I dunno why?It makin' me piss.. and I cannot cut or paste the pictures after uploading it..not effing great..=(
Anyway If I have the time I will make my post more organize and will surely have upload more photos..I just update this..in time..I'm crossing my fingers for the wireless internet that I proposed to my Mom and Dad..hopefully..


BIRTHDAY GIRLS! (Oct 10 and Oct. 11)

Chezka, Enzo and I

Chezka's friends




Emnazaon's 4 year Anniversary

A gift from my honey

I love this khaki wallet made by Marithe Francois Girbaud

Thanks for this hon!:)

I like this chio frames as my gift for our anniv...

Nice right?

Especially this one...

but instead I bought a cap for him from oxygen..
I like the white cap but I think the red cap looks nice too..

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Chezka Clemente said...

ate maan! =p

belated happy birthday sten :))
ngayon ko lang kc nabasa blog mo =p late comments 2loy..

sa birthday nten, iba na ang handaan.. debut qna ee.. :))