Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Birthday boy's party

HI!!!I've been very busy and lazy lately..haha..sorry for not updating..'s my update..
Enzo turned 21 last December 12, and he held a house party..
Not so glamorous as before but it was really tight as now..coz he manage to have not a bunch of guest but some close relatives and friends.

It was a night for my man..I night to celebrate his age..a bachelor's age....
but I didn't saw him whispered his wished and blew his candle..coz I was darn late!:(

NAh, I was so nervous while I'm waiting for him to picked me up..
Why am I nervous? It's a long story..but to cut it short I was told by my bf's grandma to never set foot on her house again.. I was so busted then, and felt so ashamed although I knew that I didn't do anything.But she freaked out and judged me.. But that was before...I don't know NOW..I don't know what to say..If I will see her again..

Enzo told me that he ate already.. heart keeps on pumping twice faster than before, so tense..ever!*.*
I managed to smile to my bf's relatives and friends..Tita Yoly told me to see Enzo's grandma and make "mano" hehe..I don't know how to translate it..but it's a way of showing respect to older people in Filipino culture..
and yeah a bit hesitant..but I obeyed..It will be my chance to show to her that I'm a good person, to forgive and forget (which is simply getting over the resentment). To my surprise, She smiled at me and even taught me,"how to cook her special BBQ". I smiled back and thanked her.:)

Enzo with his Grandma

Enzo,his grandma and friends


I'm EATING!sorry!"MY WEIRDO SMILE" Got food in my cheeks!

Enzo and Chezka


ENZO's White Forest Cake from Red ribbon

The food was good!Ate Imee always attend to my foody needs..hehe!Thanks to her coz
I had a hard to time to stretch and hold my spoon and fork..coz I'm so tense...
Ate Imee..Thanks for making me feel good!and for praising me!:))
Although my mom didn't like my outfit..-.-!

Kindly take a look at my outfit that I wear that night..and be my judge..

It sucks or not?hmmmMmm..comments please..:)

After we ate.. We (Enzo's Friends and I went to his room)
It was cold..I told Enzo that I'm not really used to it(the aircon thingy),since we don't have one in our house. so I felt cold..I borrowed his big comforter.. to make me feel warm..hehe
I look funny and sound funny right?..sorry..I can't take the cold lah!:p

Enzo's friends told him to give me a jacket instead..HmmMMmm.. my bf needs a talking conscience before acting..anyway his cute coz I saw him blushing while giving the jacket to me!loves*..and that made my heart melt..:))

I did browse the net and made changes for my clients (My shih tzu business)
and then Enzo spend the night with his friends..talking, laughing, bluffing at each other while playing cards.
Got alot of photos but so lazy to upload all..;p

HOME SWEET HOME: Bid goodbye to him..and then went home lah!:)

8 days to go before Christmas!


*~kAy~* said...

How cute :)

What a relief that his grandma was nice after all <3

Chezka Clemente said...

ate maan ;)

haha! ngaun ko lang nabasa to :P happy ending naman kayo ni lola ee :p very happy ako sa inyo ni kuya ;)

good luck! =p

gala ule tyo next tym a? =p