Thursday, November 26, 2009


2 more days to go before my exam..Oh! my I'm so nervous...
But I'm hoping for the best!!:)

Anyways may I acknowledge "chocomilkymic" for joining my beautiful followers, I really appreciate it..I hope you'll find my blog interesting..:p

I'll make some update for you gals..

My Shihtzu are now growing bigger and healthier..look at the photo they are so adorable..

Before they were 4, now they were 2.. my male tzu found her new mom..tomorrow they will meet and face each other ..I'm glad that he found a new family that will love him..but a bit ouch on my part..

Another story..

Christmas is just around the corner..
so let me greet all of you a Merry Christmas! remember to use your money wisely and spend time with your family in that very special occasion.:)

At SM you will feel the breeze of X's mas season..
people were buying certificates etc.

HmMm..I wonder if I'll have a present this Christmas...
Gifts anyone?I will be very thankful!hehehe


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