Friday, July 2, 2010

Pain in My heart

I went back at duzon (korean school) as an English teacher again..It wasn't the same as before..I felt depressed and unhappy..
I brought my bf in duzon so that he'll be a teacher too, then he was luckily hired
but My boyfriend resigned after 3 days..because of a certain student..
The student was a 19 yr. old girl, a university student from Korea..She liked my boyfriend so much..she gave her picture at the 2nd day..and at the third day she gave my bf some presents (ice cream and candy) and she even took my bf's picture...>:(

I didn't realized that my bf was a look alike of a certain actor in Korea named, "Oh Ji Ho"
He was very famous in Korea..

here's some picture of Oh Ji Ho:

Most of the Students recognized him as this guy!

As a gf I was very sad..Yes! I was badly hurt and jealous cos they really like my bf and treated him as a celebrity, and I felt I was set aside..But my bf loves me so much, so he decided to just resign. He chose not to have a job and didn't mind about the salary.
He didn't like me to worry much..and he did it for our 4yrs relationship..
I really love him..

Thank you for making me realize that our relationship is far more important than anything else..
I will do my best to make our relationship strong and last till the end..:))


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