Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hiyaaah!!!! haha.. I'm Blogging after two months I think..
Are You happY??!! Clap! Clap!Clap!
Thank You!!
I rarely post anything SO I have to label my Stories in different categories, right?(^_^)


Here we go!

Story 1: Etude HOUSE

I was very stunned by tons of Good reviews regarding ETUDE HOUSE! So I went there just to have a "rain check?" haha..

So yeah here's my hauls..

I bought a magic BB cream, Skin base, 2NE1 proof sparkling eyeliner, blackhead remover and 2 nail polish (baby pink and baby violet). I've got a Free folder, pink ball pen and a membership card!:)

The store in Festival Mall was a fancy one.. like a room for a doll..haha..pardon me for my description but that's the way it is! The walls were painted with pink, matching the sales ladies uniforms..

As of now I'm very much satisfied!(n_n)

Combo buys:

tsk..poor camera:

these are celeteque moisturizer, face shop quick and clean toner, st. ive's apricot srub,bench raspberry, and san san lipstick~:)

Basically for my skin care routine.. just to make me look good & feel GOOD!..

Story 2: My nails in STYLE!My Work!

I'm not very good in styling but I'm trying to be one..(>.<) A. ME (Using Etude house Baby pink and violet)

B. My friend FAYE!!

C. Caronia Who says local can't do any good!

D. Caronia white plus etude violet!

E.Caronia dark pink plus etude violet in vertical

F. Face shop in Orange!!

These are my nail polish.. hope I can buy more!kkk

A closer look (Face shop in orange)

I also bought this! CUTE!!..heehee..

Shall continue NEXT TIME!!:))

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☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

I miss you too!!! XDXD
Anyway~~ Regarding your comment, YES! (^_~)
It's a permanent curls~~! (^O^)

Oh oh, what do you mean by korean students? Are you a teacher or something?? (o.o;;)

And... Do not neglect your blog cuz I'm reading it!!!!!!!! Dx