Monday, July 27, 2009

Circle lens

Advantage: Makes you look innocent and anime plus you have the so called"Ulzzang look"
Disadvantage: Some people may say you're freaky!haha

Yeepee! my very own first black circle lens!I have huge black iris now!!like an anime..lah!
they are from GnG (amie black/DA-1)
We bought it from a korean optical shop. They look so natural!..comfortable..and not irritating..or whatever!lah!:)
well my first choice was actually mx-21 but it's not available here in phil.
My contact lens has its own prescription -2.25 for my right eye while -2.75 for my left eye...

Close up :)

Me!Me!Me!I love my eyes!

It comes with a cute contact case..

Love!Love! Yellow!

the vials..

You should open it this way..

Check out my pics..see and believe sweeties..

My ulzzang picture with my amie!

Normal light without flash..

So dark!!hehe

night mode.. Oh!it's so natural..

With flash..OMG my bags..(>.<)

See my iris..looks freaky?..

P.S I don't usually wear makeup so it's really my natural face..haha:)

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