Thursday, July 23, 2009

For our Monthsary..

We just celebrated our monthsary in Gourmet's Palate that serves the best burgers according to some reviews and blogs.

It can be found actually in Phase 3 Aguirre Avenue at Bf homes...♥♥♥

Honey ordered Islander charbroiled burger for himself (it's a burger topped by refreshing coleslaw), while he ordered American burger for me. He also added up some fries..and for our drinks I ordered dalandan juice and honey bunchy sticks to iced tea.

A plate of fries..

My Cute Honey..

...and me

Dalandan juice for "me" and iced tea for my "Honey"

Islander charbroiled burger and the american burger

Took some pictures while waitin'


Happy!Happy! Monthsary To US!!

Love it!!♥♥♥

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