Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gift Ideas For Boyfriends

Finding a perfect boyfriend gift is a tough job because you might think that the gift which you are going to purchase would be attractive for your boyfriend or not. Since you want to buy a perfect boyfriend gift, you should know about his likes and dislikes...lah!

These are some gift ideas for your boy...

* Guys are generally fitness freak. How about accentuating his wardrobe with a stylish yet comfy tracksuit? Complete the gift, with a comfortable pair of jogging shoes.
* It is, often, said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Prepare his favorite dishes and invite him to your home for a candle light dinner. Alternatively, you can give him a treat at his favorite restaurant.
* What is one thing that a man never parts with? His wallet, of course!! Get an elegant leather wallet for your boyfriend. Before presenting it, slide in a photograph of the two of you.
* You can gift him a good luck charm - his birthstone based on astrological calculations, feng shui articles, amulets and so on.
* If your boyfriend is a sport enthusiast, gifting him his favorite sporting gear or membership of a sports club can be the most ideal option.
* Depending on whether you like him in formal attire or casual one, get apparels for him.
* How about a gift basket that comprises of men toiletries? You surely didn't think that only women are entitled to pamper themselves.
* A photo frame with a photo of the two of you is one of the most popular choices, when it comes to gifting boyfriends.
* Accessories today are not limited to women. Get your boyfriend a nice bracelet, ring or even a chain. This would go a long way in accentuating his look.
* Men are usually gadget freak. You can go for a laptop, iPod, electronic diary, or electronic notebook. Even latest model of mobile phones can be a good choice.
* Gift certificates to a good salon can serve as a perfect gift option for your boyfriend. Gone are the days, when only women were conscious about their look. Men, today, are as conscious about their look as women are.
* A cufflink, tie, tiepin or pen can be a good option to explore if your boyfriend is fond of wearing formals.
* If you want to gift him something too romantic, get him a pack of innerwear. This is sure to ignite the passion in him...(wink!)
* If your boyfriend loves to read, get him books of his favorite author or a year's subscription of his favorite magazine.
* Fragrance qualifies as top gift option when it comes to gifting boyfriends. However, men are very particular about smell, so before buying the perfume, make sure you know his taste.
* Among the other generic gift ideas you can try out branded pen, music CD's and cassettes, chocolates and flowers. It is a myth that men don't like chocolates, so you can very well go ahead in buying chocolates of his favorite flavors.

BUT if your actually broke..the sweetest thing that you can ever do for your bf is by simply saying.."I LOVE YOU!"hehe..spread the love ladies...

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