Sunday, August 23, 2009


Hooray for our monthsary..:)
Hon: "want Ice cream?"
Me: Nope
Hon "then what do you want?"
Me: bout you what do you want?
Hon: Honey
Me: me too..I want my honey!:)
Hon: "HmMm.. do you want anything?"
Me: ahm..Gonuts Donuts?can?
Hon: "Alright"
I'm a spoiled brat!
I love you!:)

My bf and I went to shopwise..for the Donuts!:)
Picture!picture!I loVe Him!♥♥♥

I want nobody nobody but you!mwuah!:)
he looks chubby..hihi

Honey!Honey!quite confuse?@.@
so many donuts to choose from..

Which one?.

Just for fun.. and an add..chicken eh?!:)
More stuffs and foodies can be found at shopwise

Huge Box!!

The verdict! sweet!haha I ate 3 1/2
super thanks to my bunchy! spent our monthsary
so simple but amazing! I'll treasure every tiny bits of it!:)


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