Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bow look

So bored..x.x
I wanna see him..

Found this thing while browsing Ms. Funkiimonkee's blogs..
after watching that cool vid it make's me wanna try..
so here it is..

This look is inspired by lady gaga.. very cool and really kawaii!:)
Step 1: Before anything else, please comb your hair first so it won't look messy

Step 2:Get a random section of your hair, it can be on top or on the side

Step 3: Put a rubber band or any elastic band that you wanna use to tie your hair
I just use one rubber band for this..
but you can use more and perhaps some pins

Step 4: tie it up!:)

Step 5: Get a portion of your hair and make a loop using another rubber band, but for me I just pull the rubber band and place my hair inside to make a loop,repeat it again to your remaining hair to make another loop..

Step 6: you can use some spray to make it more manageable and some pins..
and this is the result..('',)

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