Saturday, August 22, 2009

Outing :)

Hey y'all..(warning picture overload)
went to laguna, swimming with my relatives
Villa Melissa private pool

Adult and kiddie pool

Explore galore!:)

painting kinda cute I wish I have that body..LOL!

certainly Curtain

Our greenish room

Let's go outside

nice table and couch


haha..from the top..

Mom with the blue shirt

Picture!I captured them!:)

Oh my! so cute!:)
bubbly cousins..

Foodies and Grannies..hehe:)

BBQ boy joke!that's my chubby brother!haha

Tempting...Hotdogs and BBQ!yum!:)

Tananannananana..Their playing pinoy henyo..eeeh they caught me and tease me just to join that game..heck!i didn't got it..beezz..nah...

Back to the room..

Yeah..I'm hiding..alot..of..foodies..haha:)


It's a korean cookie stick IDK the name..just ate it!hehe

Just to counter all the cholesterol that I ate!;)

Crinkles hehe..I suUuppeEer love this a Must try for everybody!
so soft and sweet..=)

That's all for now..toodles!:)

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