Monday, August 24, 2009

Pictorial by Erika

so freakin' Hot! I kinda sweat all over..yikes!-.-
Anyways,yesterday was so shuang!!
Honey finally reunite with his cousins..Erika,Cheska and Gaile.(forgive me if I misspelled your name)
Took pictures while heading to Bf homes..What a lovely couple we are!haha..just flattering ourselves :)

My bunchy and his Mcspaghetti
while waiting to erika..

And there's Erika..
they didn't see each other for a
couple of months since he arrived...kinda 123456789...:)
I wonder how does it feel..

Went to Erika's house, met her mom..Her mom was pretty, yeah! I must admit hehe..but she often tease me when I'm round..:o

The lovely Erika!:)
and her chio sister

And cousin Cheska..I like her chio!=) see?

The novice..:)

Here's our photo that I wanna share with many shots
I'll just upload the lovely you won't dare to comment me ugly stuffs
!!LoL hehe

Pictures of HIM

他 很 帅 (ta hen shuai)

Pictures of ME

Sunako :p

Picture of US.. I love this..=) my bf is so shuai

After our pictorial we went to Robinson's to have some snacks
Snap this picture while their walking..

At the Robinson's they decided to go for big apple pizza..
The huge pizza was c/o by cheska..:) so sweet..and super thanks!:)

As a blogger I take my chance to snap some big apple delicacies..




uhhmm..bread?haha sorry forgot the name..

Had a taste of elfav ice cream..



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