Sunday, August 30, 2009

nothing much to share..
so upset..='(
just watching a sad song in you tube called" white horse" by Taylor Swift.

I think Enzo will be always be Enzo and Maan is Maan, two different entities..a boy and a girl..sigh...
no emnazaon at all when we have our LQ..

he can't understand me and I can't understand him as well..
so yeah..we clashed! we didn't broke up or something..
we just hang up the phone..:(
had bad conversation..
I really don't know if I'm just jealous or whatever..
or I just miss him so much..and his friends was so lucky to come over to his house..
ain't have time to see him..he's so busy..doing paper work for school
no time to visit me..:(
It really makes me sad and so pathetic..
sigh.. i think i should end here..bye

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