Monday, September 21, 2009

For my birthday

Ma-anne loves present for her upcoming birthday. It can be as little and not so expensive.. Anyways, I've been a net addict these past months so forgive me for being a shopping addict or wanting too much...I can't help it. I’m a girl and aside from boys.. girls love shopping! :)) I want to have all of this...ha-ha...I wish.. :p I prefer this now coz I felt so depressed when they gave me flowers and ALL died..

Nice right?

How bout this?
I love chocolates. Desserts and anything sweet!
Especially if I can have this FERRERO bouquet! :)
YUM! I will really appreciate it…haha

I remember when I was a li'l girl I can't even say the word CHOCOLATE!
instead I uttered the word "O'ate"..It was like something like this.. Dad "O'ate!-O'ate!"..ahaha.. :) Then my pet name "O'ate" was you all can call me by that name!hehe

Alright, lets continue my wishlist for my birthday!lah.. I've been lemming to buy something like this so long time ago..

No not beauty things..

What is it?


Think hard!!



Okay!.. hehe stop here..I just want this simple right? But so hard to get..:( I started not to celebrate my birthday when I turned 13yrs old..yeah!after that nothing to celebrate about..told me that I was already a why celebrate..blah!blah!blah!so I was used to it..not to expect with my b-day..But then I was lucky..yeah much!much!lucky! that I had friends at that point of my teenage years..they all made me happy..and they even send me gifts..
Anyways here's the cake that I want..I hope it's available on my b-day!
But I don't want it to be plain..lor!..give it to me with love..-written-"Happy Birthday Ma-anne!"
definitely that Tiramisu will melt down my heart..:)

Another one??..haha..

I simply want him!:))

YES!I Want this guy!haha Go get him for me!!

I wonder if he'll surprise me this time with my birthday or in our anniversary..
COz we often buy my presents together..
so there's no element of surprise..

But come to think of it..He don't have to get me any presents with or without occasion
COz "He is the best present for every occasion":)
But it's a plus or a bonus point if he gets me a present!haha :)
But most of the time I'll ask him for my presents!!haha so ironic!:))

God is good!
God is fair!
God gave my honey to me.
I don't know how long we'll be together

All i know is I want to thank God for giving me one of the most precious moment and person in my life..
Which is of honey..ENZO!:)


Another clue of my surprise for my bunchy..


Oh.. a gift bag and a box..;p

Wonder what's that?I'll keep you hanging...hahaha:))

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