Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dont' wanna fight anymore

..please stop the fight!! quarrel please!!!
..I don't wanna fight anymore..
..I'm dead tired crying.. all along..
while browsing the net found this song..I'm ain't no rapper but this song actually makes sense..I wonder if my honey can sing this to me..oohh..never mind!!
It's title "DON'T WANNA FIGHT"

I don't wanna fight no more
Why are we wastin' our time?
We makin' somthing outta' nothin'
And we don't even know why
I just wanna be wit you shawty
(Just wanna be wit you)
There ain't no need to argue

Lil mama let's forget about the fightin' and fussin'
I could remember when I met you we was kissin' and huggin'
We wasn't worrie 'bout if I came home a bit late
I ain't doin' nothin'
cheatin' ain't on no date
You my one and only
So why we wastin' all our time?
Bickerin' and arguin',
What are we hopin' to find?
We makin' problems outta' nothing,
girl let's stop all the nonsense
We in love, let's make up
'Cause things ain't makin' no sense
I know we human,
we ain't perfect, but we take it too far
We only here a short time,
so let's make it less hard
There's other thangs' to deal wit,
No need fot conflict
Baby girl I wanna love ya,
not make ya sick
So I promise ya,
this ain't gon' be no arguments
Girl I'm givin' you my trust
No more gettin' jealous
So let's focus on us and get thangs the way they was
You my everything
Shawty, wit you, it's more than love


Why are we wastin' our time?
We could be makin' love
Girl, I don't wanna fight
So how about us makin' it up?
(Oh Baby)
So how 'bout it Baby?
Let's not play all these games
I know our feelings the same,
so let's avoid all the pain
We beatin 'round the bush
actin' like we don't even care
Tryin' to see if one another gon' leave,
or stay here
I swear, so many people waste their lives and regret
Loosin' the one they love
But it ain't too late yet
For us, so I'ma tell ya how I feel everyday
Girl you my shawty till' I die
I ain't neva gon' stray
I know you sick and tired of suppressin' your feelings
'Cause you scared of gettin' too close but that's silly
'Cause I'm down,
I ain't leavin',
Yea I made some bad moves
I thought that you was creepin'
But I shouldn't assume
That's the problem right there
We gotta' remain honest
So from now on it's nothin' but the truth and that's a promise
'Cause Baby I wouldn't trade you,
You my heaven on earth
No more wastin' time puttin' you second,
you comin' first..

Oh..I wanna be on the top of his priorities..(most girls like me wants that!)
but hey..
why is it all of a sudden his "friends was quite his priority now??"
Am I a rotten apple now?..
no more..miss you(saw your face the other day so why say it?).. or sorry (don't wanna say that again..blah)??Tired of saying...what??

Anyway here's a story no a ranting of a girl to her was interesting so I wanna share it..

don't wanna fight no more


I can't fight anymore. Limit is here, at the brim and I cannot go on anymore. No more one last try, let's try again - No. What point there is when I give in my all for this love and you barely gave..nothing? Not even two fucks. You care more about whether I did insult your best friend, or if there is anything else that you can protect, shield or side your best friend for. One more try for you to continue admiring your best friend in front of your failed girlfriend & smile & giggle whenever she is spoken of in our conversations or one more try for you to redeem yourself & make this good again?

So, what now? Best friend triumphs over your bloody girlfriend of coming 2 fucking years in exactly 16 days' time? What a right time all these came, my dear. Just when I thought I was in pure bliss, nothing I can ask for other than more time to spend with you and better days ahead. When you asked, I still thought it was ok 'cos things were going well, just exactly how I want it to be. I wished things would stay as they were but remember, they say good things don't last but bad ones last longer just so you would treasure the better ones when it comes. Good things, they don't last. Here comes the Huge problem with a capital H in bold.

Bravo. Well done. Good job! Fantastic. Excellent. So fabulous. What else can I say?

I will stop all that loving. Maybe one day when you love someone so much, you are willing to do everything for them, there is nothing that you wouldn't do for them and that someone turns their back on you, treats you less than how you oughta be treated then you'll know how hurt and painful this is. I'm not crying, not tearing either. I have made my mind that you will go one level down and more to go. And "until you love someone else?", I just pretended like I don't know what you are talking about but I totally got you. That is what you think. Just tell me how much you treasure this, or even me.

Oh wait, were you looking for a flight of stairs? Sorry, I didn't find a place big enough to build that stairs so you can get off the stage. You and everything you said to hurt, to prick & to irritate me will always be remembered.

I should be off to bed to dream of how to get more money for the supp paper for the upcoming/forth/last paper. Sigh, you win already lor, you can giggle and smile all you want.

Should I just put it simply that you were never in Team G? Fancy siding someone on the outside and not someone who is in the circle. (Y) Well done!

Please give us the strength to continue our relationship..and be more considerate with each other..
Let's stop the fight!

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