Sunday, September 27, 2009

Morning curls

Yay!Got my hair curled..;))

Ever tied your hair with your own hair to have beautiful curls?

Well..I did..haha
Same as the rag curls..

RESULT(HaLF Via Rag Curl the other half Via own hair)

Can't tell the difference??

Seems like stairway to heaven curls..haha


Jessy said...

Hi Maan! Sorry i just saw your comment on my blog today. I'm a bit slow as still new to blogging. =) Thanks for following me. Btw, how did you know the model for TLB magazine? Is she your friend?

Marnelli Anne said...

She's my friend in facebook..:)
here check her
but she'll be now transferring her blog to for some reasons..
I hope you'll meet her..:p