Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nail art

Hi peeps!
As I've told you yesterday..met my honey bunchy.. took Enchan to her vet..
they told us that my baby's eye was pricked by something..I didn't know what actually can prick her eye..told them I accidentally sprayed her eye when I'm setting up my hair..it was an accident..please don't blame me..my sister was the one who put Enchan close to me at the exact time when I was spraying my hair..:(
so there..
Told us to watch over her, if her eyes will be more cloudy will take her back to the vet again..-.-
here's some picture of my baby chan

Poor baby I hope her eye gets well soon..:(
Please pray for her..i don't want her to be blind..:((((

Another story,went to Robinsons..
ate some elfav ice cream this time I ordered strawberry while bunchy ordered cappucino..no photos..lah!@_@
Got my first nail art at "Sumthin'nails" haha..that's how it was spelled..:)
My hand in the digital nail printer

Close up..forgot my phone..so Enzo becomes my photographer at that moment

There are more designs to choose from!!!from flowers to a real picture..REAL?? Yes!
you can also customize your nails by using your own photo or your bf's or bff's photo
by just adding 50 pesos..
they gave me a loyalty card..after 5 sessions you can get a free nail art for your 6th visit..:) what a treat!!

Played at time zone first..
Deal or no deal and other stuff..got 53 tickets..haha
My bf is a snipper!xD
From time to time.. i love to cuddle him..:)

we also went to California nails and day spa..I asked how much for a nail art pedicure..and would you believe..it's about 200pesos..haha..
I'll visit them when I have a money again or when my boyfie treats me..haha
California nails pamplet

Home sweet home..Time to camwhore!

All photos intend to show my new lovely nails!:)
My hand..

with me..

Yay!Close up..sorry if my photo was way blurry..I only use my phone
Cute right?haha.. I like it..chibibibibibibibibibiiiiiiiii...:p
All in all Robinson's place was worth a visit!

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