Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rag curls

Looking for..



and effective way to curl your hair?'s a solution..

Just take out an old cloth in your dresser it can be an old t-shirt or your old short..

Cut them into strips(horizontally) use a hairspray..
no hairspray?

mousse/clay/gel..still none? tap water will do..;p

But for us we use a hair spray
Brand name: RAVEN

this will be the look when you already tied your hair..
It's my sister..haha (my model for today!);)

wanna ask How???

Easy..(credits to realclearwing..such a dolly girl)

step 1: spritz the ends of the hair with spray or you can roll it along with the rag easier.
step 2: Start by placing the rag an inch away from the ends
step 3: Twist the end around the rag
Step 4: Stop at the desire part where you want your curls to start
Step 5: Secure the end of your hand while preparing to tie both ends of the rag
Step 6: TIE..enough to be secured
Step 7: REPEAT! ;p

My sister was so we untied it after 1 hour..and
the result..(Beautiful curls without damaging your hair)xD



Love the curls..
Wanna see me with that too?haha :))
Your wish is my
Goodnight lovelies..and goodnight to you hon!:p


enzo said...

nytie nyt din hon! mwmwuah!!

*Nehs* said...

this is great! i haven't tried this, will try it sometime. thanks! :)

thanks so much for the comment sweety!! :DD ~mwah...

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