Saturday, September 5, 2009

my update

Sorry for not updating..

well!hello everyone!:p

my bf and I were okay now!:) as a matter of fact we're lovey dovies again..:))
better fix it than sorry..I really love him!!..I want our relationship to stay strong and to last forever..and ever and ever..haha
I can't imagine myself with another guy and as well as him..they better stay away from my boy!his mine..only mine..:)
Met my honey last thursday..I gave him some mwuah!MwuahzzZz!and I cuddled him most of the time..but again his busy with his projects..(pout*)
so I just helped him out..ohh..I was terribly hungry that day(my tummy crumbled) food..empty I called him up..and yey!he bought me something..:)
I hope
Enzo will love me forever....
sorry for being
so nasty..
crossing my fingers..he swear that someday"
he will marry me" heart melts..=')
thank you for the
unlike some other guys,
so ungentle man, no conscience at all, so heartless and so perv ...
they even force us girls just to get what they want..
and I'm so glad that you're not one of
you cared for me so much, and pampered me too much..and I really
LOVE you for that sweety..XIE!XIE!:)) I LOVE YOU!!!!
hey girls..

just an update of how I look last thursday..
ME with my blue shirt, grey long sleeves and with my specs..emote!emote!xD

haha.. so dork!

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