Thursday, September 10, 2009

A date to remember

I'm so happy..
went shopping with my honey..
Although yesterday he wanted to buy dumbbells for himself
but he change his mind..I dunno why???
instead he bought all this things for me..:))))

Heee..Heeee.. so excited to blog all of this!

Okay went to Watson's first
He bought me cute things, ahaha..and also for sexy things!lah haha!!:))

From the left that perfume thingy was bought by my honey for himself..but later on his so disappointed that it was kinda built in..I'm sorry,I should not told you to buy that..:(
At the front, those 3 cute sachets are for my nose..darn blackheads.. I hope it works..
Behind the three I-white was Pure and Fresh..aha! my bunchy told me to use that..
and on the right it's a hand sanitizer..I'll definitely use it after I touched my dog..:p

Oh! I so love my pink..that's why it looks so girly!:)
to further curl my hair he bought a hair spray too..

Told honey that it's been a long time that he manage to gave me some stuff toys from kiap machines
so then he Played ..but not lucky to catch one..
What a waste of money.. don't try it!

After that went to Hypermarket to look for a qualified blower for me..haha
yeah qualified!I want something cheap but can last long..:)
And he got me this blower..:)
No more blower sessions in CARLO'S..haaha..yeah it cost small but when you combined all the time that I went there for all the occasions..quite BIG!!!

Bunchy while browsing some air conditioner.. I hope his grandma will buy him a new one..
If I had the money I'll buy that..just for him..

Had dinner @ RedRibbons....Yay!that was my first time!:)
Look at the place so small..

I want to seat there..lor see that chair at my back?

Here comes the dishes...

My food

His food

My cake

His cake
eat talk and eat again ;p

Anyways Did you know that on September 13 is Grandparent's Day?
I didn't know about that until I saw this sign..

Tadannn... where's the food?anyone..hehe

After that home sweet home..gave him so many mwuahhzzzz...:))

Close up "My BLOWER" and Enchan's too..:))

Thanks dear!
No boyfriend ever gotten me a whole bunch of presents..just to make me happy..
I do love presents..but then I learned not to expect too much because of you..and this is so unexpected!!!
Mwuahhh..I want to be with you forever!I love you ENZO!!:)

NYtie nyt!;)

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