Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Emnazaon's 3 yrs and 11th monthsary!;))

Hi!me again..this day is a very special day for emnazaon...

enzo + maan = emnazaon...
It's our 3 yrs and 11th happy.. :))
Okay this is also the day which all my surprise for my honey will be disclose.

So..lets unveil them one by one..haha

remember the huge red envelope? How about the gift bag and the box with question mark/marks? Did you guess what's inside? Yes? Let’s see if you're correct. No? Make a guess now...

Shall no. all the revelations ..;p
drum...drumm…drummmy rolls..

Revelation #1
huge red envelope...
Inside... a love CARD!!;p

Front view..


Made this interlocking card…so happy that my bunchy likes it!:)


My honey reading my card..

Revelation # 2
the gift bag..ehem.. love bag and the mysterious box with question marks..
now unleash.. and what do we have? Voila! "designer handkerchiefs”...

Revelation #3
Haha..I didn't mark any clue for this…anyway it's my alternative to the first one that I wanted to buy... but unlucky to find...

The first cake that I want..

Strawberry sweetheart from Breadtalk…darn…was out of stock! -.-

I told myself that I have to find a new one. That will look nice or better than the first one... Walk, walk and walk then… luckily found this awesome cake at BIZU!:)
So here it is Folks!
The alternative cake but I think looks better and yummy!

Chio box!:))

My cute cake: AMOUR by Bizu patisserie

Valrhona orange chocolate mousse in between layers of crème brulee and brownie. Truly a perfect gift.

It's a wonderful work of art right! so heavenly!:)
Okay, I won’t sugarcoat the price. Their cakes were rather expensive but not unaffordable.
But I am willing to pay for premium price if the quality of the product justifies it. In the case of Bizu, I didn’t regret paying so much...
this special cake was worth it for my very special boyfie..;p

I love you bizu!I'll be back when I have the money again..haha..I will try your samba and nirvana..:))

Couple pics..haha..just having fun..:)

All in all it's our great day together...
I'll be meeting my honey again this friday excited..:))


*Nehs* said...

welcome! :)

wow! you and your bf are so sweet! 1 month to go and you'll both celebrating your 4th year anniversary! anyway, happy anniversary!!

btw, the cake looks pretty and yummy!!!!!!!

Marnelli Anne said...

Thank you again..:))
Yup it's super yummy!quite expensive but worth it!;p
definitely a must try..

GirL With GLasSes... said...

oh my gosh!

you have a lot of posts!

ive seen you followed me in my old blosite... but i cant follow you because you do not have a link in your blogger profile to direct us in your blog =(

are you aware of this?

if not, i will teach you =)

1. click your edit profile
2. click the link that says "SELECT BLOGS TO DISPLAY"
3. click your blog to display.

4. save settings

Have a wonderful day =)