Saturday, September 12, 2009


As I've told you yesterday that I'll update more kawaii here it is!!! but not clothes anymore..instead some super duper CUTE cakes and Cupcakes..found all of them while surfing the net..I do like them all!:))

Tummy growls!;p

Cute cakes...........:)))

I LOVE SPONGE!!:D mwuah!!

Best cakes for your anniversary..:)

Bag envy or Bag addict?haha..Look at this LV and Chanel cakes so gorgeous!:))

Chio cupcakes!

Lah!so happy!I miss my honey again..lor!:p
Can't wait to see him again and again..
Emnazaon's 4th Anniv will be 41 days from now..oh!So excited!
I dunno if he has a plan for that big event but any how I'm looking forward to it!
Imagine I was only 17 when we went steady and until now...:))
Although like any other couple we do quarrel..but Love settle us down..
and for so many years I still believe that l never fail to bring my hon a huge smile at the end of the day..
He brought me smiles and laughters that I never saw them in myself before..:)

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lalaine said...

hi...just surfing the net and saw ur blog....cakes looks nice....i was the one who actually made them =p

anyway, thanks for the appreciation.