Monday, September 14, 2009

So Random

Okay done...

Yesterday made this little cupcake..nyaha! 1st ever designed by yours truly!:)

Enzo loves panda!hihi My boyfie looks like a panda too!haha..peace!(^^V

My poor adorable cupcake..

then he gave me this!
oreo!oreo!my sister wants to eat it!haha..but I said "NO" ay! damot!:p

Yesterday was grandparent's day..Boyfie bought a cake from red ribbon!So sweet!

how bout me?haha..:)
he treat me to Ted's Lapaz Batchoy..for it's cold that day..
some pics...

I covered his face..haha..I know he doesn't want you to see him while his eating..
sabi pa nya"Kumain ka na nga"xD
Si ako naman "sige na nga","ay wait isa pa!"haha

kunwari pa sya papapicture din naman!hehe

Today went to Makati for my interview..
was so I did not get the job..lady luck was not on my side..anyway here's my snap pics while I'm in the town of business..

Buildings in makati

The first time I set my eyes on those buildings I was amaze!yeah totally! they were so a giant unlike in alabang..


See my feet..they do have blisters now"OUCH!":(
that's because of my uncomfortable shoes or semi sandals
been walking all around..I almost freak out..because of my aching feet!:((
and Look I put some tissue on the side so I can bare the pain for a time..
I know..It's my old pedicure..I will soon change that color..maybe tomorrow..=)

Can you see me?Took this while waiting for my dad..

That's all for now..ate about 2 orders of KFC!was upset..but I'm alright now..
Shall see my honey tomorrow..:)
I'm so worried about enchan's eye I hope she's not blind..Her left eye was cloudy for almost 2 days!!will take her 2m to the vet for her check up..

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